Youtube IT

Select the text, right click to open menu, and click YouTube IT to search the selected text in Youtube (r) site.

Author: Alex Eduardo Chiaranda

Contributor: Daniel Calil Stipp Nunes

download the Firefox Version here.

download the Chrome Version here.

Youtube IT Screenshot
Youtube IT Screenshot

9 Replies to “Youtube IT”

  1. Hi, thanks for writing, please provide the URL and some screenshot from the site that you are having problems to use the add-on, so we can fix it.



  2. PLEASE ADD YOUTUBE ICON TO MENU! Also yeah, there is a problem with cyrillic search. thanks for extension

  3. Could you add a feature? A lot of youtube comments contain /watch= dadadada. I’d like those /watch= to be hyperlinks.

  4. I’m having issues with this AddOn. When I select text with spaces in it, the search seems to break. Sometimes it just searches for %s. I hope this can be resolved in future releases.


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