Youtube IT

Select the text, right click to open menu, and click YouTube IT to search the selected text in Youtube (r) site.

Author: Alex Eduardo Chiaranda

Contributor: Daniel Calil Stipp Nunes

download the Firefox Version here.

download the Chrome Version here.

Youtube IT Screenshot
Youtube IT Screenshot

12 Replies to “Youtube IT”

  1. Hi, thanks for writing, please provide the URL and some screenshot from the site that you are having problems to use the add-on, so we can fix it.



  2. PLEASE ADD YOUTUBE ICON TO MENU! Also yeah, there is a problem with cyrillic search. thanks for extension

  3. Could you add a feature? A lot of youtube comments contain /watch= dadadada. I’d like those /watch= to be hyperlinks.

  4. I’m having issues with this AddOn. When I select text with spaces in it, the search seems to break. Sometimes it just searches for %s. I hope this can be resolved in future releases.


    1. maybe i need to update it, i believe Firefox 57 does not load old plugins, i will take a look at that.

  5. There is a new version, that is compatible with the newest Firefox version, sorry about the delay !

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