RIAA de volta ao ataque

Agora a RIAA está alegando que RIPAR os seus CDs para MP3 (por qualquer motivo), é ilegal.

“In an Arizona case against a defendant who has no legal representation, Atlantic v. Howell, the RIAA is now arguing — contrary to its lawyers’ statements to the United States Supreme Court in 2005 MGM v. Grokster — that the defendant’s ripping of personal MP3 copies onto his computer is a copyright infringement. At page 15 of its brief (PDF) it states the following: ‘It is undisputed that Defendant possessed unauthorized copies… Virtually all of the sound recordings… are in the “.mp3″ format for his and his wife’s use… Once Defendant converted Plaintiffs’ recordings into the compressed .mp3 format and they are in his shared folder, they are no longer the authorized copies…'”

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  1. se vc tem iPod, tem que dar dinheiro para Apple e comprar músicas pelo iTunes, e não copiar os seus CDs. Que vergonha hein …. 🙁

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